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Piraso ng kung ano-ano!

Here comes another explosion of beauty from Uno Magazine after just a few months of "recovering" from the heart-attacks of Uno Magazine's December 2013 special. During the autograph signing of Uno Mag's Issue #s 91 and 92 with Valerie 'Bangs' Garcia and Dawn Jimenez on the cover last February 26, 2014 at PowerBooks in Glorietta 2, Uno Mag bares all about these witty, and friendly beauties.

Although I missed almost an hour of the PressCon, the timing was still good as I was able to have a super-short chit-chat with Dawn Jimenez who has such a really charming beauty compared on-screen -- remember that steamy scene of Gerald Anderson at the movie On-The-Job "OTJ"? And according to her, her brother's name is also "Alfred" (#BrotherZoned, lol!). She's a dream beauty, and will be an upcoming dream girl of each and every guy as soon as they get to see her more in the big screen.

Valerie "Bangs" Garcia was also hot and witty, and although the Magazine that I presented for autograph was not her on the cover (whoever bought 2-copies of the Uno Mag's Issue #91, please share one for me), she still gladly signed it with her name.

Here're some photos for your delight:

Issue #91 with Valerie Garcia on the Cover
Dawn and Bangs autographed issue, up for bid ;)
Read the Press Release from my Matuwaka Blogsite.
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2/20/2014 03:22:00 PM


Ipagpaumanhin, na ako’y di makadadalo;
Sa inyong pagbibigkis, araw din ng patakbo.

Isa lamang paalala, ang aking habilin:
Bagong yugto, inyo nang tatahakin.

Ito'y hindi biro't, hindi rin laro;
Sa mga pagsubok, kayo’y wag susuko!

Batuhan ng palayok, sandok man o gulok,
Iyan nama’y pagdaraanan, wag lamang tutusok!

Ang paka-iiwasa’y, hampas ng dila;
Walang tumbas na sakit, daig pa ang bala!

Subalit ang dila, ito ri’y nagpapaligaya;
Basta’t alam lamang, na kayo’y magparaya! ;)

Kung inyong mararapatin, ang aking pag-imbita:
ikagagalak na kayo ri'y makita;
Ito nama'y paanyaya lamang,
kung doo’y inyong nais magpulo’t-gata!

Imaheng gawa ni #HotZerina (LaZer)

Best Wishes Faith and Ryan!
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The New Year marks a new start. It’s that time where we can reach for a new beginning for a better year. While some feel anxious the moment the clock strikes 12, welcoming it with open arms can set the tone for the rest of the year. To make big changes that lead to a better life, here are ways to help you jumpstart what could be your best year ever!

Smile More Often. Studies have shown that smiling changes the course of the day, and eventually your life. A study conducted by Forbes Magazine says that smiling can instantly make you feel good and has the same effect as eating a bar of chocolate without the added calories.[1] Not only does it instantly make you feel good about life, it also positively affects those around you. Smiling makes you feel better and makes you look more pleasant, inspiring more opportunities for new relationships.

Be Positive. A positive life begins with positive thoughts. A better 2014 often begins with the belief that it will be better than 2013. Your thoughts frame and steer your life, and by thinking positive, you are instantly creating the environment that you only once dreamed of. Remember, it all begins with the belief that you do deserve a beautiful life.

Be Kinder To Yourself. We all have goals to achieve in 2014, and part of our progress is sometimes failing on the way to making our goals happen. When this happens, don’t lose heart and don’t be too hard on yourself. No goal is achieved overnight. Success happens when you are kind to yourself, which makes you kinder to others in turn.

Make Better Choices. There is always room to improve, especially when it comes to your health. Make 2014 your best fitness year so far, by opting for choices that will benefit your body in the long run such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and of course, water.

Move. Achieving your goals begins by simply moving. Whether it’s for a new job, a new skill, or even just a new fitness activity, acting on them will get you one step closer to your goal. Reach for the goals you have long dreamed of with Summit Natural Drinking Water, filled with minerals that boost hydration levels, which help maintain mental sharpness and refuels strength.

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Warning: The following post or the photos included in this post are Rated-18. You have been forewarned! ;)

Disclaimer first, I am not actually a fan nor promote girl group that are coming too sexual/sensual, and honestly I hated the Mocha Girls when I first saw their performance of the "Gimme' gimme'" dance more than two (2) years ago. It was so promoting sexual fantasies or desires to anyone watching and seeing how those booties move, shake, and grind together with the sexy outfit that adds up to the heat, or wakes up the freezing mammal blood!

But then, me and together with my Cousin's family were there in a bar in Antipolo to hang-out and enjoy, so after their performance, we were all lively dancing with each other (with the family, not with the Mocha Girls), while stealing some glances to the Mocha Girls! =D

Autographed Dec.2013 issue of Uno Mag and 2014 Uno Mag Calendar
(noticed that autograph from Jhane and Georgina? they both love me *wink*)
Fast track to today, I got invited to attend the launching of UNO Magazine's Holiday feature/edition - the Mocha Girls Special! Ironically funny isn't it? :)

Whatever happened for the past two years since I first watched the Mocha Girls, it greatly contributed to confirmation of my attendance for the said launching. I thought I would be there just to see how the event will go, but then I was surprised when in just a few minutes, five (5) of my runner-blogger colleagues also arrived to witness this sizzling event, three (3) of us even stayed to watch the first set of their show -- of which got our heart rate up not from running, but from the feast that our eyes are getting!

I tell you, this girl group is not just R-18 and up, but should also be Restricted to ages 50 and above, else suffer the consequences of getting a pre-mature.... heart-attack! :p

So then, enjoy the following photos below taken during the launch:
My first "crush" (high school?) from Mocha Girls - Mae
My crush of the night - Franz
The whole package (L-R): Jhane Santiaguel, Mae Dela Cerna, Mocha Uson (Founder)
Franz Fainsan, Seika Hashizume, and Georgina Knight

Autograph Signing
I love you Alfred :)
Be happy always!
Alfred, Godbless u <3

Stay hot
Love yah! Alfred <3
The naughtiest on my left, and the sweetest on the right, great combo!
Fairy beauty!

Mocha Girls UNO Magazine (Dec.2013) Photoshoot Behind the Scenes:

Read more about UNO Magazine's Press Release at
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"Can a brand bring about positive change towards community progress and nation-building?" This was also a question lounging in my head before and upon my arrival campaign launching.

Thursday last week, December 5, I and together with other co-bloggers (mostly to my surprise, running bloggers instead of food bloggers) were invited for the launching of "Krem-Top's Change for the Better Pilipinas Campaign" at the Wangfu Restaurant in Tomas Morato.

The launch was guested by two (2) handsome endorsers of Krem-Top - 90.7 Love Radio's DJ Papa Jack (John Gemperle) and the actor of the hit love story series "Be Careful with my Heart" Sir Chief (Richard Yap) who is also the owner of Wangfu Chinese Bistro (which has just opened last Oct. 13, 2013).

Menu for lunch during the launch
People from the media (ABS-CBN) also abound during the launch eager to ask questions to both personalities from the show-business related topics (of which I was not able to relate, sorry!) and on to more challenging questions such as how they could possibly inspire the people to change for the better? Even for me, I couldn't simply answer the question without first contemplating hard enough about it! But both endorsers John Gemperle (Papa Jack) and Richard Yap (Sir Chief) have answers in simplest way possible.

For Richard Yap, simply following the traffic rules, obeying the laws of the land, not throwing pieces of garbage anywhere, can do a lot to change a community when everybody is doing and following it. As for John Gemperle, caring for his family and loving them unconditionally coupled with enjoying the things you love to do makes him feel harmonious with everything around him.

Another answer that I loved most is about keeping everything positive around, refraining from negativity which includes criticism and abusing our freedom of Speech. The freedom of Speech according to Richard Yap, is not the freedom to blurt out anything that you want to say, not minding if it could hurt/damage someone or not, but it should be a way to inspire and motivate our fellowmen.

Carrying the Krem-Top brand (launched in 2010) with them in this campaign, they will push the envelope of declaring a better Pilipinas as not just merely a vision, but a reality by "telling Filipinos that small changes when done together can affect a change not just for the individual but for an entire country. All it takes is the will and participation of the greater majority."

This made me realize once again, that we don't have to become a Superhero or to be in Power to contribute and help in our community as just by following and doing the simple things, we can be a better change that we aim to be.

Dec. 6 - Krem-Top volunteers repacking relief goods for Yolanda victims
For more information, follow Alaska Krem Top on Facebook and Twitter (@KremTopPH).

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A large portion of our lives is spent on the road. And while we spend most of our time on the road wishing we weren’t there, a few tricks and tips can make each minute an enjoyable and even worthwhile experience.

Stop complaining
While the traffic and public transportation situation in the country hasn’t changed a bit, complaining doesn’t help. Kick off your daily journey by not complaining and soon enough, you will find yourself calmer. Complaining doesn’t change anything so might as well enjoy the route, or better yet, leave a little earlier to avoid the traffic blues.

Hitch with a friend
Long unavoidable commutes are made more bearable when we have someone to share it with. Three-hour traffic jams, or even the hour spent waiting to catch a bus or a taxi becomes an adventure with good friends. Plan your day trips with friends or close coworkers to add a little fun on days when you expect traffic to be heavy. Having a friend during these times comes in handy.

Create a different playlist for everyday
Music is everyone’s saving grace. Make your car trips more exciting with playlists that pump up your energy. A different playlist everyday lessens the possibility of getting bored while on the road. Creating a theme for each day can also make car trips more exciting. You can also use your time to learn something new; podcasts on interesting topics are usually the best way to do this while on the road.

Fill up your “on-the-road” goodie basket with your favorite treats
Avoid getting hungry on the road by filling up your “on-the-road” goodie basket with hunger-curbing treats. From chips, nutribars, and even your favorite fruits, your goodie basket would definitely be a lifesaver during rush hour. Nestea Ready to Drink (RTD) is a favorite companion of commuters everywhere.

Making a comeback from the 1990s, Nestea RTD refreshes with three flavors: Lemon, Apple, and Lemon Ice. Conveniently packed in an easy-to-bring bottle, Nestea RTD is the perfect partner for the long hours on the road. So whatever the traffic situation, go ahead, take the plunge anytime, anywhere.
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TENA Adult Diaper

The season of sharing is about to begin. For TENA, the World’s No. 1 Adult Diaper and Incontinence Specialist, and Healthway Medical, the most preferred mall-based out-patient clinic in the country, it’s the best time to give the gift of wellness, especially to those who need it the most.

The gift of wellness comes in understanding our elders’ most delicate needs. That’s why TENA offers a wide range of adult diapers with unique features to meet all their incontinence needs, which ultimately allows them to enjoy the best of life.

Furthermore, with the strengthened partnership of TENA and Healthway Medical, which is now on its 3rd year, our loved ones in their senior years can receive more wellness gifts. A free Healthway Wellness Card can be found in specially marked TENA adult diapers. The card entitles elders to enjoy discounts on selected dental procedures, dentures, laboratory imaging and diagnostic services, plus free cataract screening and consultation with a Primary Care Physician. All they need to do is present the card in any Healthway Medical Clinic.

And of course, family members who take care of the elders will also get presents, as they deserve to be rewarded too. Specifically, they’ll receive discounts on selected dental procedures, Intense Diamond Peel, laboratory imaging and diagnostics services, and free consultations with a dermatologist and Primary Care Physician.

As the season of gift giving fast approaches, elders can expect to receive one of the greatest gifts of all. And that’s an improved over-all wellness, courtesy of TENA and Healthway Medical.

For more info, log on to and or call the Healthway Medical Clinic customer care hotline at 02-7514929 or SCA Hygiene Products Corp. Philippines at 02-5562405.
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