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10/06/2011 11:34:00 PM

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

"People sometimes have goals in life. Steve Jobs exceeded every goal he set himself." - Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder)

Image re-captured from Wikipedia
In my early days in College (SY 1997-1998), I've learned about the history of Computer, as well as the history of Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and you Mr. Steve Jobs - it was thanks to my ICS101 Instructor. Then you made me realize that not all histories are written after, but it was during the course of your endeavors. You were one of those who changed and shaped the world's computing technologies, and I feel so grateful and lucky to be part of these shifting in our every day lives as you create new innovations, as the rapid changes and computing improvements re-evolve how we do our own jobs. It was all thanks to the great mind that you do have.

Thank you Mr. Steve Jobs. You will be missed!

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