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pEDo: March 2011 - The other side of my cerebro.


Piraso ng kung ano-ano!

3/17/2011 05:39:00 PM

A Surprise Present from Oishi

Whenever time comes when I am in a low mood state due to some electrical-pulse or mechanical changes in my body (yes I'm an android), human life gets in and it seems to know how to uplift my very core, even in a little way, but enough to re-electrify my wirings for a few moment. Well, I'm speaking figuratively, but yes that's how I could describe it (Ok, I'm just over-acting on this paragraph).

Life's surprises sometimes comes in a box and a paper-bag.
Just a while ago, I received a box and a big paper hand-bag full of assorted products from Oishi. I was surprised since and didn't expect that there's a follow-up giveaway after my previous product review with Smart C+. The box contains 24 bottles of Oishi pomelo grapefruit Smart C+ juice drink, while the paper bag contains an assortment of Oishi products like Marty's, Sponge Crunch, Bread Pan, and this new wonderfully flavored Wafu ("gwapo" as my officemates called it) cream-filled waffle sticks, and the new flavor of Marty's bacon strips chicharon.

The snacks has already been munched before I get to take a good photo!
As the present entered the office, people thought I won a contest from this popular TV show Willing-Willie as they saw me carrying the big paper hand-bag marked with Oishi, and full of those assorted snack products. My boardmate's kasambahay even thought I just came from the station/show. And what will complete the day of having surprisely blessed from a Company (Oishi/Liwaway Marketing Corp.) which I barely encountered physically? Of course to share that same blessing.

What caught my officemate's taste buds (and audible sensitory) is the new snack product called "Wafu". I wasn't able to taste it, as there wasn't one left for me, but based from their reactions, they surely loved it (Sshhhh, there's still an extra box of Wafu that I hid. Lucky Aizen)!

In behalf of everyone, we express our gratitude by
saying "Oishi" while taking this shot!.
Thanks once again to Oishi and Liwayway Marketing Corporation.
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3/15/2011 04:18:00 PM

Wow Philippines Free Boracay Package

Punta Rosa Boracay - Win a Free Boracay Package only from - WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is one of the most respected and trusted names in Philippines Travel, arranging short trips and family vacations to any of the 7,107 Philippines Islands. We have been specializing in all inclusive packages since 2005 to top destinations like, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Galera, Baguio, Tagaytay, and Manila as-well-as other island destinations.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is the 1st travel agency in the Philippines to offer FREE VACATION PACKAGES to BORACAY ISLAND, the number #1 Philippines Tourist Destination. Now everyone has a chance to WIN a FREE all expenses paid vacation to Boracay, and all you have to do is to enter the contest is to CREATE a BLOG and paste this info into it, that’s it, it’s just that easy.

Enter our Free Boracay Vacation Package Giveaway at

3 Days / 2 Nights – Punta Rosa Boracay Hotel & Beach Resort
Enjoy this luxury Boracay Resort located directly on Boracay Beach in Station 1. At Punta Rosa Boracay you will enjoy beautifully designed accommodations, with each room decorated in a native theme.

Each room in Punta Rosa Boracay Hotel offers a beautiful ocean and beach view, with the beds facing the ocean. Room accommodations at Punta Rosa consist of, Wi-Fi, TV & DVD Player, Ceiling Fans, Large Rain Showers, Balcony, and IDD/NDD Phones.

Flights to Boracay - Manila to Kalibo Airport via Philippine Airlines
No true vacation package is complete without having the air-fare included. WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. will be including ROUNDTRIP AIR-FARE from Manila to Kalibo and back to Manila. Once you arrive at the Kalibo airport you will be greeted by SOUTHWEST Travel & Tours, and transported to Boracay Island via a tour bus.

Boracay Island Transfers - Kalibo Airport to Boracay (roundtrip)
SOUTHWEST the OFFICIAL TRANSPORT COMPANY of WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. SouthWest Travel & Tours has been in business for over 15 years, and is considered one of the safest carriers in the Philippines.

Daily Breakfast – Buffet Style
The winners to this Free Boracay Package will also have included a FREE DAILY BREAKFAST, served on the deck overlooking the ocean and Diniwid beach.

Boracay Activities - Island Hopping Tour
For one full day our winners will enjoy a BORACAY ISLAND TOUR that includes snorkeling, as-well as visiting surrounding beaches. (does not include entrance fee into Crystal Cove)
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3/09/2011 06:30:00 PM

Love Letters

Keeping your things tidy once in a bluemoon would sometimes give us unexpected surprises. Surprise such as that you have a lot of extra clothings that you could still wear or donate, and things that would make you reminisce old memories and experiences.

One of the things that surprised me one time when I was looking for my old address book (from Advan Paper products), was how my penmanship has changed from when I was still spending more time with pens than with computer keyboards. And what's more surprising, is when I get to read the names of my old acquaintances, lost friends, and even "ex'es". There were some names whom I cannot remember writing, but I knew I wrote that name because it was my penmanship. Was it due to a selective memory loss? Or was it just written without me really knowing who that person is?

As I continued to dig the box full of horded scraps that can already cause a forest fire with just a spark of a shiny-white-teeth, I came across some love letters. It's not cheesy as you think, come on, please continue reading!

I know that those people who are at my age, and who were teenagers during the 90's and below, still know what a "love letter" really is. It's not like a spam email, nor an impulsive twitter message or social network status that you just show-off for everybody else in the world to see. But it is the compilation of thoughts, of words from the heart, made alive through creative expression in writing. Okay, it may not even be creative, it may not come from the heart, but it definitely is something that we write on some stationeries or a piece of paper, or on a carefully selected and designed paper from a bookstore, and in some cases, personally designed paper. In short, it has been created with love or passion for the person whom the letter will be given.

So just to keep the memories of alive in case my apartment get burned from the hordes of decade-old trash, I decided to somehow, share some of these letters here. But sorry, I'm not sharing it word-per-word. If you want to get to know the contents, tickle my spine and I might share some during a midnight kwentuhan session, lol!

I know you have more love-letters than I do!
So those came from different people, a friend, an acquaintance, and even from people whom I almost forgot who they were. There were also a number of letters that came from a girl - who is now my now wife (sweet!).

But the most interesting part is, when I saw these bulky cards with some bulky letterings and handwritings, hehehe. It came from my sweet, loving sister. ;)

Love letters from a family is the sweetest you will receive.
Memories came in as I read each card, making me remember how I first reacted whenever I receive a card or letter from her each year, or even on my birthdays. I feel awkward then, but I still get to read the cards; I don't feel it deserves appreciation, but I still kept the card; I didn't felt it's importance, but I treasured it. And now, it has finally touched my heart.

Why did I react like that, you may ask. You see, we have not been raised with a daily dose of cuddling and lambingan from our parents. Our Mom is also our Dad, making her the most-busiest (intentional made redundant) person we know. So time is always gold for her that she couldn't even find enough time to cuddle us, except when I look cute (I wonder why my sister always gets the hugs and cuddlings?! Does it mean she's cuter? hmmnnn... I don't think so, lol!).

So, start digging your archives (boxes) of old letters, you might also be surprised who are the people who also made you cry. Come on, be brave, don't worry, it will no longer hurt you! ;)
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3/07/2011 02:53:00 PM

Any Concert Anywhere in The World

Thirty (30) lucky individuals will win a trip with accommodations for himself/herself and one (1) companion to watch a concert of their choice anywhere in the world. Choices of concerts will be found on There will be one (1) winner everyday for thirty (30) days representing each day from Mar. 1 to Mar. 30, 2011.


a. Consumers must collect five (5) crowns of the same brand and/or flavor to join the Weekly Raffle and get a chance to win.
For example:
  • Five (5) Coca-Cola crowns of either Sakto, 8oz or 12oz
  • Five (5) Coca-Cola Zero 8oz crowns
  • Five (5) Sprite crowns of either 8oz or 12oz
  • Five (5) Royal Tru-Orange crowns of either 8oz or 12oz
b. To send a valid entry, consumers must place five crowns of the same brand and/or flavor in an envelope with their name, complete birth date, complete address, contact number, signature and the concert of their choice in a piece of paper. Drop in designated drop boxes found in Coca-Cola sales offices and Ace Promo offices nationwide OR mail their entries to Ace Promotion Offices. Mailing addresses can be found on c. Consumers can log-on to to choose a concert of their choice d. Entries with wrong or incomplete information indicated on the envelope or piece of paper will be disqualified. e. Consumers can send as many valid entries as they want to increase their chances of winning provided that these entries fall within the duration of the promo period. All non-winning entries for each week are still qualified for the succeeding weekly raffles. f. There will be 30 lucky winners or 1 winner everyday starting on Mar. 1 to Mar. 30, 2011:
  • Each week, weekly winners will be announced in MYX.
  • Each winner is to represent a day from Mar. 1 to Mar. 30, 2011 although draws are actually held on a subsequent date
  • Weekly Raffle draws will be held every Friday of that week
g. Winners will be notified via official telegram and verified through a phone call by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation’s (TCCEC) Third Party Supplier. Winners should present the official notification telegram sent and at least 2 valid IDs to claim their prize. Details of how to claim the prize will be indicated in the official telegram sent. h. If the winner is (1) a minor (18 years old and below) he/she must be accompanied by legal guardian, or legal guardian claims on his/her behalf (presenting all necessary documents); and, if the winner is (2) unable to claim the prize him/herself, a representative must present the necessary documents:
  • A letter of authorization duly signed by the winner, nominating the parent/legal guardian, or representative as the acknowledged recipient of the prize on the winners behalf
  • Two (2) original IDs of the winner with picture (acceptable/valid ID’s are SSS, TIN, Passport, Office or School I.D.)
  • Two (2) original IDs of the representative/legal guardian
  • Original notification telegram
i. Winners must nominate only one (1) companion to be included in the trip to the concert. Any other companion aside from the one officially nominated by the winner will not be the responsibility of TCCEC. j. If the winner is 18 years old and below, a legal guardian must be the official companion. k. This promotion is open only to consumers 13 years old and above. The consumer must be 13 years old at the start of the promotion on Feb. 14, 2011. l. TCCEC will appoint and shoulder the following for the winner and the official companion during the concert trip:
  • Two-Way economy air fare
  • Accommodations at a hotel for 3 days, 2 nights
  • Pocket money amounting to USD 350 per winner
  • Concert tickets – category or seat type of the concert ticket to be determined by TCCEC and subject to availability
  • Transfers to the concert venue and back to the hotel
m. TCCEC will not be responsible for processing any travel document/visa needed by the winner and his/her companion to travel to the concert in the country of his or her choice. However, TCCEC may give the winner a Certification of Prize Entitlement.

n. The winner must be physically fit and capable of travelling, this must be supported by a medical certificate. The winner will be solely responsible for his actions during the trip and TCCEC will not be responsible for any untoward incidents that may occur during the trip. A waiver document from TCCEC must be signed by the winner before the actual travel. Winners will be accompanied by TCCEC Representatives or agency representatives.

o. If for any reason the winner cannot travel to the country or concert chosen, TCCEC has the option of allowing the winner to choose another concert in the website in coordination with TCCEC’s Third Party Agency or convert the prize to cash in the amount stated below.

p. Prizes are non-transferable but are convertible to cash in the amount of Php 25,000 per winner. No other amount shall be payable by TCCEC to a winner who has opted to convert his prize to cash.

q. Only the Transfers / Transportation to Metro Manila NAIA for winners coming from Visayas and Mindanao will be shouldered by TCCEC.

Any Concert Anywhere TV Commercial
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