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Piraso ng kung ano-ano!

6/12/2010 02:06:00 PM

I.T. of Life

by: Allan Cartagenas

Life is like a software
And your physical body is the hardware
Sometimes you're a freeware
And sometimes a shareware

We may tend to be an open source
In which we share the resource
Sometimes we tend to be proprietary
Thus protecting ourselves from piracy

Our lives undergo programming
Along the way we do debugging
With error detection & correction
To avoid run-time corruption

Sometimes we are not feeling well
Due to some viruses that dwell
Sometimes we experience general protection fault
And we tend to stop and HALT

Our relationship to others is like networking
Families, relatives, friends & colleagues interconnecting
Pictures, letters & cards we are sharing
But most of the times, communicating

Lifes' cherished moments must be captured
Lifes' frustrations, success & accomplishments should be recorded
Unlike a computer that can be rebooted,
Life can neither be rebooted nor restarted.
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6/05/2010 07:34:00 PM

Reevu MSX1 Helmet

One of the limitations of driving a motorcycle is of having a blind spot of who's behind you. For the four-wheeled or more vehicles, this limitation was somehow superseded with a rear-view mirror which allows the driver to see who's behind while driving.

But Reevu found a way to help motorcycle riders get a glimpse of their behinds - a helmet with a rear view mirror. It was way back 2004 when they first had an interesting concept of this kind of safety feature, and this year the brains behind the Reevu MSX1 helmet has finally let loose of this great helmet technology.

Rear-view comparison of using and without the Reevu helmet.

Click on the link below to read more about the review from webBikeWorld, or visit Reevu's homepage.

Source: WebBikeWorld
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