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Piraso ng kung ano-ano!

5/26/2010 09:04:00 AM

Trekking at AyosDito

December last year before the Christmas holiday vacation, I needed to find a hiking bag for my friend which we'll be using for our trail hike. Searching the web is somehow tedious since some results leads you to a lot of vendors outside the country or your region. While googling the keyword item "hiking bag" that I was looking for, I have stumbled at At first thought, what I knew was that is a forum of some kind where members can also post their classifieds. But when I entered the website, I got to know that it is an online marketplace where you can basically buy and sell anything from or to anywhere.

I was intrigued to browse the result at the site and I was amazed about its demographic filtering of search results which made my browsing a lot more easier. So my friend in Baguio who needed the hiking bag was able to contact the vendor who was also in Baguio.

My sister who was then also looking for puppies for sale, was also able to find her choice of pup within minutes of just browsing the ads at

My latest search at

So if you are just a plain buyer who wouldn't want to find a good product from a far away location, it will be easy to find any item within any region at The same thing goes for selling.


CaptainRunner said...

Ako tumitingin lang for price canvassing, hehehe..

RunningAtom said...

ok rin pag-canvass-an :)

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