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5/30/2010 09:46:00 PM

Spirit Within

Image credit from Spotify Playlists

I was born in the spirit,
and developed heavenly faith;
My heart received sight,
when I reached for God's light.

I encountered many temptations,
was strengthened by recreations;
My heart was full of emotion,
but filled it with devotions.

I walked in the spirit,
and everything has no limit;
My feet fell into the pit,
but carried on as I endure it.

I bear my testimony,
and seal it eternally;
My world revolves joyfully,
as I live with sincerity.

Background: 17Apr1998 @ 1000a, realizing your personal weaknesses is a big step in getting to know your personal self. The Church could better help us in this step.


MinnieRunner said...

My feet fell into the pit - My left foot is badly aching :(

pEDo said...

hahaha... my right foot has been bandaged last night due to plantar :D

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