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pEDo: Rejection - The other side of my cerebro.


Piraso ng kung ano-ano!

2/17/2010 02:33:00 AM


Image credit from Catawampusme

Stranger, that's what you are to me,
in my eyes, you have no such beauty;
You have the fame, through eternity,
but such glam, never interest me!

Yet for a moment, we've been acquainted,
but in my mind, I know we're not meant;
So through those days, nothing was cherished,
'twas only you, who have expected!

Stranger, nameless, you are unknown,
in my heart, it's void of affection;
No do not weep, even deeply mourn,
You'll only reap, such desolation!

Background: 17Feb2010 @ 0130, attacked by my worst enemy -- insomnia, and annoyed about FB's photo uploading failures, I googled the word "rejection", the image popped-out, and the poem was given birth.


Anonymous said...

rejection makes a man stronger.
ive been a victim of that for the nth times. need to guard myself, need to protect my heart. sometimes i wish i never existed so that i wont feel rejection, so that i wont hurt others because i rejected them. all i really wanted was friendship, but it was never given. i hate it when im loosing a friend it hurts so much 2x the hurt i feel when i lost my special someone. im broken again. im being cursed i guess.

Albert Lázaro-Tinaut said...

Beautiful! Congratulations and best regards from Barcelona (Spain).

pEDo said...

@Anonymous, rejection really hurts, but at the same time, rejection builds up our character. These are the what gives color and spice to our life. Just move on after every rejection, don't give up but be strong and be busy living.

@Albert, thanks for the visit. Spain is the first Country ever that I want to visit. Want to find my origins there.

MinnieRunner said...

I have to agree with anonymous, sometimes losing a friend hurts much than losing someone you are "infatuated" with. Well, that's how I am to my friends. I just don't know if were crossing on the same bridge.

pEDo said...

@Minnie, I dunno if most of us guys feels the same way as the girls when it comes to rejection from a friend compared to someone special to us! I'll let you know when I get to experience such, maybe I could create another poem for that too!

MinnieRunner said...

Pedz, I particularly quoted infatuation, for if the rejection comes from someone special - meaning someone you love - it is something worth to be depressed. And I guess I'll go stress-eating then.

pEDo said...

oh, haha.. sorry Minnie... I seldom get infatuated din kasi, I mostly fall in-love.

And what I do, I hope I could inspire you, is not to stress-eat, but to train harder on my physical sports.


MinnieRunner said...

WOW! Lagi kang naiinlove? ahihihi...

Pag ako ang na-reject, hindi ako makakatakbo :P

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