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11/21/2009 11:51:00 AM

Timex Run Photos from PhotoVendo

My first four fun-runs and marathons have always been blank, meaning, no graphical memories of the event can prove my stories except for the race bib and certificates that I kept. Prior to my corporate-times running, I only have two mind sets of joining a running event: a) To win or to finish the course; 2) To keep myself healthy and active. And when I started my fifth running event, I just realized how good it is to see yourself, the event, and your running buds with a photo memories that you can keep and be proud of.

One issue rises though if you also want a photo of your actual running posture, or just to see yourself in action while running. For those who have running buddies with them who always carry a camera along the race route, this is easy. It's just a matter of exchanging point-and-shoot with each other. But what if, like me, doesn't want to carry a camera while running, or none of your running colleagues with cameras runs with you on your chosen distance category?

Don't worry, PhotoVendo is just around to capture your running moments. It is really self-fulfilling seeing yourself in action, and also helpful in analyzing your running posture, as well as your worst facial expression while breathing (lol!).

Check out some of my photos below taken during the 1st Timex Run:

Passing the 7th kilometer along Buendia Bridge

Getting near the finish line

My last full sprint a few meters from the finish line


paulo said...

Nice pictures Pedz. Sana marami rin 'yung shot nung sa amin. At sana from different places. Looking forward on a great race event tomorrow!

MinnieRunner said...

Whoa!!! Akala ko si Papa Piolo! :D

MinnieRunner said...

Ha ha ha, may poot sa 2nd paragraph.. Hindi mo pa sinabing 'Hindi naman ako si Madz para magkaroon ng official photographer', LOL!

RunningAtom said...

@paulo, my very first photo while in action, hehehe! thanks to photovendo...

@minnierunner, wlang poot yan, hinanakit lang, hahaha!

thanks again sa PhotoVendo, present sila sa MHUF 2009

MinnieRunner said...

Sana this time meron na akong maretrieve na photo ni 0269 :D

RunningAtom said...

Madz, tnry ko ngyn, eto ang sagot:

Sorry, no photos matched Bib Number 0269

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