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10/05/2009 04:48:00 PM

A Nation's Call

This video has been aired in ANC last two years ago, but I was just able to see it this year. As you can observe from Aga Muhlach's interview and his answers, it is clear that even someone who have good social living status, who is being looked up by a lot of people, is also frustrated already with how the Philippine government administers its nation.

I have not yet seen any interview from local celebrities with much good points about their political opinions. And Aga is not running for any political positions (yet as of this writing), though his concern is like as the local people.

The following music video below (by Gloc9) is dedicated to everyone holding a very much important role in the Philippine government. Wake up and STAND UP ELECTED people!

" have been elected to fix and put the Country in order...."
- Aga Muhlach


puzzle said...

Nation Call ~ Tawag sa?

Ganda nung kanta, punong puno ng meaning :D

pEDo said...

A Call of Nation para sa mga mayayabang ika nga ni 'Aga

Yup, may meaning ung kanta. Ewan ko na lang sa "kanila" kung maiintindiha't pakikinggan nila.

madz said...

Ay, palagay ko hindi, manhind na sila eh. Manhid na ang pwet kakaupo, nadamay na pati tenga, mata, labi, etc etc...

pEDo said...

baka umiinom sila ng anesthesia kaya damay pati labi :D

bluedreamer27 said...

hello pedo thanks for visiting me again... naku malapit na kasi ang election.. sna lang maganda na ang kakahantungan ng susunod na administrasyon

pEDo said...

I hope so... check this open letter to FVR from one of his niece, Lila Shahani:

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