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9/04/2009 09:40:00 AM

To President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

I woke up early this morning hearing the morning portion at Umagang Kayganda's Punto-por-Punto hosted by Anthony "Tunying" Taberna, with his interview with Ilocos Gov. Luis "Chavit" Singson about his alleged violence against her Wife Rachel "Che" Tiongson.

Surprised of how Gov. Singson reacts and answers about some questions raised to him, I get to remember the videos I was watching from Youtube last night about Mikey Arroyo's interview with Winnie Monsod and GMA 7 news-journalist Arnold "Igan" Clavio, where he also reacted almost the same way as Gov. Singson.

I tried to again search the video and blog about those two mentioned hot-issues of the moment. And while trying to browse the search results, I stumbled upon this piece of composition titled "An Open Audio-Video Letter to Gloria Arroyo". At first I thought it is some kind of recorded narrated speech of some people, addressed to the President. I was surprised though upon hearing the melody, the lyrics, and the composition. For me it was great and awesome, a very constructive way in criticizing about the President's performance, broken promises, and service failure to the people.

The audio-video invites President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to walk with us, get to know better the country and the people, know the real meaning of service and hard work, know the Country's real situation and position under her administration. It expresses the author and the people's resentments about our President's way of Governance, and about what's happening in the real world - outside MalacaƱang - out from their comfort zones.

Thumb's up to the author - , a very nice piece indeed.

You can also find this video and listen on it from youtube by visiting electiocutioner's youtube account.


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Anonymous said...

i think the song was originally for US president bush and was sung by Pink (featuring the indigo girls)
still very appropriate. great slide show.

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