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1/16/2009 08:30:00 PM

Suspended QCSHS Students

Blog - a word which is previously not found in any dictionary, now has taken its toll to everyone's ear. The word originally evolved from "Web Log". Now blog has become an online diary or journal to a lot of individual.

Blogging has also reached a lot of students, and due to this blog that four (4) of the students of Quezon City Science High School was suspended. In a Democratic country like Philippines, we have always heard a lot of Journalists and Newsmen who is either punished or killed just because of expressing their thoughts and doing their jobs. And now, even students get punished just for merely expressing their sentiments, criticism, views, and complaints about their Principal - Dr. Zenaida Sadsad's several school policies.

Here's a quote from the President of CEGP (College Editors Guild of the Philippines), Alquisola during his interview by ABS-CBN: "The students' complaints are valid and legitimate, and their putting up the blog merely a venue to air out their demands and democratic rights. Was the QCSHS administration so threatened by a bunch of high school kids that it resorted to the outright violation of their rights? In these times, young people should be encouraged to voice out their views, not sanctioned and censured into silence,"

One of the suspended students (multiply username: michaelmiravite) has shared his blog's link, and if you can't find it, just follow the links below.

Journal Item #46
Open Letter to the Admin
The Author's Farewell?
Journal Item #81

I have also quoted the suspended student's comment on one of the alleged blog since it has already been buried in by a lot of incoming comments. As this student commented, they do not know the author, and are not involved with the blog of Lawrence Agoncillo regarding the QCSHS issue.

mychaelmiravite wrote on Jan 16, 2009 at 2:47 AM
Please, PLEASE, wag niyo muna tabunan ng comments ito. Para mabasa ng mga magiinvestigate.

i'm myke miravite, one of the suspended students of qcshs.

Lilinawin ko lang, hindi ito yung mga klase ng blogs na na-publish namin. While I admit that I salute this "Lawrence Agoncillo" for his courage, siguro sumobra pa rin siya sa pagiging harsh. Below the belt na yung mga tira niya sa school admin kaya hindi namin siya cinoconsider case namin dahil talagang mabigat yung mga pagkakamali niya. Kahit gaano pa kapalpak ang isang sistema, kelangan nandun pa rin yung respect.

To make things clear, hindi kami (yung suspended students) involved sa blogsite na ito. Actually, hindi talaga namin kilala kung sino ang author nito.

Btw, here's my personal blog: and if you want to gain access to my blog entries regarding the qcshs issue, just pm or email me.


(eto yung blog entries ko. private yung iba diyan kaya kung gusto niyong ma-access, email or pm me na lang.)

(kung sino ka man, please, magpakilala ka na. kami yung nagssuffer dahil sa blogsite mo.)

More about the news can be found on the following links:
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